The Three Rs: Preparing an Empty Home

When looking at homes for sale, it is a familiar sight to see the perfectly staged couches, the brilliantly lit rooms tastefully arranged with carpets, end tables, and bookcases. Sometimes it can seem as though the only way to sell a house in the Quad Cities is by first going to IKEA and buying a whole new set of furniture! While it is certainly the case that the eyes of prospective buyers are drawn to listings that give some indication of how a room can be arranged, it is far from true that an empty home means an empty list of offers.

If your home is about to go on the market but has nothing inside of it to demonstrate its livability, don’t panic! Here are some quick and easy tips for getting your home, empty as it might be, appealing and attractive to prospective buyers.


Usually, the need to shift furniture around and cover everything it drop cloths makes painting a room a herculean task. But you don’t have that problem! Slapping a fresh coat of paint onto the walls of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms will immediately make your house more welcoming.

This will also give you a chance to update outdated and tired colors, showcasing just how modern looking the house can be.


Small holes in the walls where pictures were hung? Decaying caulk around the sink or bathtubs? Now is the time to remedy these situations. With a very modest investment in some caulk and spackle you can erase unsightly aspects of your home in an afternoon. If a prospective buyer can envision themselves moving into your old home without needing to spend hours of time fixing minor issues, they are far more likely to give it some serious consideration.


Tiles, doorknobs, faucets, and floors often fall to the wayside when it comes to sprucing up a home. Now is the time to change that! Break out the rags, the metal polish, and the wax, make yourself a playlist, and get ready to expend some elbow grease. I know this might not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but put yourself in the mind of the homebuyer. Do you prefer floors that lie in a dull state of neglect, or do you want to see them shining with life? Do you want to see the remnants of showers past lying in the grout between bathroom tiles, or do you want to feel as though you are the first person to ever walk barefoot to the tub?

As an extra bonus, all of this cleaning will ensure that the home smells amazing when it is time for the open house.

By taking time to engage in the Three Rs, your home will sparkle – a factor that easily makes up for the lack of furniture and decorations.