Staging a Home for Showing

It’s understandable: you’ve lived in this place for a long time, you’ve accumulated a lot of belongings, and these belongings are now scattered throughout the home. While this makes total sense if you aren’t planning on leaving, the odds are good that, if you are reading this, your situation is different.

For people looking to sell their homes, one of the biggest challenges is how to arrange the space so that prospective buyers can walk through, look around, and imagine themselves living there. This means that they can’t be inundated with too firm of your imprint on the space. Instead, there needs to be a tastefully balanced arrangement of belongings: not enough and a space can look cold and empty, too much and it seems like an irredeemable chaos. But don’t panic! We are here to provide you with some quick tips on how to arrange your space so it dances on this fine line between emptiness and noise.

What we are talking about is “staging” a home. This term is exactly what it sounds like: arranging your space to highlight its best attributes. Recent studies from the National Association of Realtors (NAR for short) indicate that just under 50% of buyers’ agents firmly believe that a staged home positively affects the opinions of the buyers. Additionally, 77% of buyers’ agents think that a staged home is the best way to help a potential buyer see themselves in the space.

So what is a staged home? If you’ve ever wandered through a furniture store like IKEA then you know. Every couch, every chair, every table placed in tasteful relation to one another. Depending on how much you own and how long you’ve lived in your home, it might be tricky to step back enough to find this balance, which is why many people will bring their realtor into the equation. A high-quality realtor will also be an expert in looking at a space and understanding how to arrange it to display its advantages. By working in concert with you, a realtor can help arrange one or more rooms in such a way to bring out its inherent charm, coziness, and desirability.