Simple Steps to Improving the Yard

Taking care of a yard can feel overwhelming. Many of us know the feeling of looking at a neighbor’s home and wondering just how they got all of those beautiful plants, how their grass is not dead, why it seems as though life itself is just better over there. Well, today we want to do two things. The first is to reassure you that you are not alone in these feelings. The second is to give you some small bits of advice that can help transform your yard into a beautiful area where you can go to feel alive and satisfied.


There’s a good chance that the majority of your yard is taken up by a lawn (or by a patch of yellow stuff that is supposed to be a lawn). If the death of your grass has got you down, now is the time to shift the paradigm and regrow the green! The first thing is to purchase some grass seed. Along with the seed you will want to obtain some straw or other ground-covering material (straw is great because it is fairly cheap and also decomposes quite readily, making it something you won’t be cleaning out of you lawnmower next year).

Most grass seed suggests scattering it around in the late fall, which gives it the entire winter to germinate, but it isn’t the end of the world if you begin in the spring or the summer. Using a pitchfork, hoe, shovel, or other earth turning tool, score the dirt where you want to grow the grass. You want the ground to be crumbly and soft, but not as loose as, say, the dirt in a garden.

Once this is done, scatter the seeds in large handfuls over the area. Grass seed is one of the sorts of things in life that there really can’t be too much of, so go crazy and makes sure that the ground is well covered with seed. Then, with the straw or other ground-covering substance, cover the seeded area before soaking the area with water.

If you’ve decided to do this in the spring or summer, you want to make sure that the seeds never get the chance to fully try out. This is the main reason of the ground covering, but it is also a good idea to keep an eye on the seed and water as necessary.