Inspections and Pest Control: Concerns for Potential Home Buyers

When one attempts to sell a house, it can suddenly seem as though a structure that one once knew becomes a strange demon. When we live in them, a home’s various issues can easily become forgotten as we gradually grow used to something that, in someone else’s eyes, exists as a serious problem. These problems – which may have existed for years completely unnoticed – become readily apparent as soon as a home goes up for sale. It is a sad fact that many otherwise highly desirable houses can moulder on the market due to preventable or fixable issues.

Today, we are presenting the second of articles on major turn-offs for folks interested in purchasing houses. In our last article, we went into some detail on home orders and septic systems. In this article, we will discuss two more issues that must be taken care of if you wish to sell your home for its true value – or at all.

Water: The Wellspring of Life

Do you know where the water in your home comes from? The city’s supply? A well? If you’re scratching your head regarding the answer to this question, then it is strongly advisable that you do some quick research to unearth the answer.

Many homes, especially older ones or ones in rural areas, receive their water supply from a well located on the property. While many people tout the health benefits of wells, there are also some possible health issues connected with well water. If your home does receive its water from a well, it is essential that you have it inspected before putting your home on the market. This inspection will tell you if the well is functioning as it should and if the water is safe for consumption.

Why should you do this? Because if you have a well that needs repairs or is producing tainted water, almost no loan officer will help a prospective buyer to secure the needed funds to purchase the property.

Pest Control

There is no escaping the fact that animals like bugs and rodents will often seek out man-made structures for shelter. From one perspective, you could see this as nature’s way of complimenting us on a construction job well done. From another perspective, it is a health and structural hazard waiting to erupt.

While most homes have a small amount of pests residing within, there is a clear threshold for how much is too much. Similarly, while certain critters like ants don’t do much to rile up most people, the sight of termites, rats, bats, and mice are almost guaranteed to turn away even the most optimistic of home shoppers.

While the up-front expense of having a home inspected for pest control purposes is definitely not something anyone wants to pay for, it is essential if you hope to sell your home for what it is otherwise worth.


In short, hiring professionals to examine the quality of your water as well as rid your home of any pest infestations are two essential tasks if one is attempting to remain competitive in the home-selling market.