Home Improvements Making a Difference

If you are just starting to think about selling your home, then you are likely engaged in the experience of wondering what you can do in order to improve the space and increase the home’s value. We’ve written several articles already on the topic of making your home more desirable as well as making it get higher marks from an official home appraiser, and if you haven’t looked into those pieces then now might be a good time to just glance through in order to brush up on things like home appraisals and simple ways to improve the value of your home.

Today, we want to spend a little time exploring things you can do in order to improve the value of your home if you aren’t looking to sell it right away. While our previous articles on the topic of home sales focused primarily on smaller ideas and quickly-implementable tips, it is also the case that there are some larger projects which, if you have the time and resources, can dramatically improve the value of a home.


Most homes contain plenty of cabinets. These easily accessible storage spaces often receive only part of the attention they deserve, and this means that they can wind up becoming outdated almost without our realizing it. Take a good look at the cabinetry in your own home. Do they remind you of something out of a 90s catalogue? Modernizing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a great way to pull your home into the 21st century, making it far more desirable for prospective home buyers.


It seems like it was only a few years ago that everyone wanted thick, lush carpets covering all of the floors. The times have certainly changed, and these days, hardwood floors are what most people look for in a prospective home. Fortunately, many homes with carpet have beautiful hardwood floors slumbering peacefully just underneath. If you are in this position, it is absolutely worth the effort to pull up that carpet and then spend some time and energy refinishing the floor until it shines with that distinctive look that people looking to purchase a home so admire.


Is your bathtub tired and worn out? Does it have cracked and/or stained porcelain? Do you avoid taking baths because it involves sitting inside something that you aren’t even certain will retain the water? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you might very well benefit from either refinishing the tub or replacing it. Refinishing a tub can cost as little as $400, and it is a great option for those on tighter budgets who still want to spruce the bathroom up a little bit. If you are one of those for whom issues of money rarely arise, consider just replacing the dang thing!

These are but a few of the ways you can add some more value to your home, and, if you aren’t planning on moving tomorrow, you can enjoy some of the updates yourself!