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Home selling fun with flooring

Fun with Flooring

If you have visited our website in the past, then you know we try to keep you fully engaged with topics related to home selling. We want to inform you regarding current trends, but also to give you helpful tips on how to maximize the value of your home. Today, we want to continue with our stated mission by offering you some helpful information regarding the floors in your home. This will be the first in a series of pieces, all of them focusing on floors and what to do with them when you are on the verge of listing your home for sale.

If your home was built during the 70’s or 80’s, there’s a good chance that you moved in to carpets. If you hope to sell your home in today’s market, carpets will make things somewhat tricky. It is not that selling a home with a carpet is not possible, just that people are more and more interested in hardwood floors. Over the next few articles, we are going to provide you with some options on what to do about your carpets. These options will range from the simple to the complex, from the cheap to the expensive, from the non-invasive to the the quasi-surgical. Don’t feel the need to do everything, just pick whichever option seems the most applicable to you and your situation.

To start, we will offer a very general outline of your options.


Obviously, you’ll be doing a lot of this if you want to sell your home. If you plan on keeping the carpets in the home, then you will definitely want to spend some quality time tending to them, removing the grime, and scrubbing the stains. There are many different ways to approach this project, and we will try and discuss them as this series continues.


If the dirt is just too much, or if the colors/patterns are too garish, replacing the carpet is certainly an option. This option is probably the least common as it involves investigating a significant amount in a product that is less and less in demand. The fact of the matter is that home buyers are currently more interested in hardwood than carpet, so if the condition of the carpet is significantly degraded from what it once was, you might want to simply look into the next option.


Hardwood is the flooring material of choice. Regardless of whether or not your carpets are in dreadful condition, you might want to consider ripping up the carpet and converting to hardwood anyway as it will significantly increase the value and desirability of your home.

We hope that this topic has whetted your appetite and that you will join us in the upcoming days as we offer more tips for what to do to your floors in order to ensure your home shines as brightly as possible!

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  • Rich sold our house in 5 days and above asking price! We were pleasantly surprised and thankful for the quick sale, and we know it was due to his expertise and negotiation skills. Additionally, his associate, Michelle Rottach, was incredibly helpful in our search for our new house. Her patience, advice, and expertise was critical to helping us find a forever home that we love. I highly recommend their team to anyone looking to buy or sell!

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