Enhancing Your Home’s Natural Lighting

Maximizing a home’s attractiveness remains one of the absolute most important aspects of preparing a home for selling. We’ve written about it often, and we’ll keep writing about it because, A) it is something that greatly impacts the salability of a home, and B) it is something that you can actually change.

You can’t move your house to a different, more desirable location. You can’t single-handedly renovate all of the homes around you in order to make your neighborhood more appealing. You can’t repave your road, you can’t move a park across the street. What you can do, however, far outweighs what you can’t. Today, we are going to share a very simple trick that will drastically improve the appeal of your soon-to-be-sold home in both photographs and during the inevitable open house: improve your lighting.

It’s something that we’ve talked about before, but today we will be spending all of our time on this one subject. Simply put, the vast majority of people do not want to live in a dark home. Homes with thick drapes, ugly lamps with 500 watt bulbs, and dirty windows communicate one thing to prospective buyers: RUN. You might have an updated roof, a leak-proof basement, and heated floors, but if your home looks like a set piece for the Silence of the Lambs then you will find yourself struggling to attract interested parties.

Fortunately, it is relatively simple – and inexpensive – to completely transform the lighting situation so that your home shines both literally and figuratively.

To begin with, remove old and dusty drapes. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have any curtains at all, but it is worth seriously evaluating whether or not the fabric you’ve been using needs to be washed or thrown away. Consider purchasing lightweight and light-colored fabrics for curtains, something that will not block out the sun but will still enable privacy.

Second, get out some cleaning supplies and wash the windows. Newspaper is still a great way to ensure that there are no streaks, but if its been a while since you’ve scrubbed at the glass then you might need to go over everything several times. For truly deep cleans, it is worth investing in some high-grade glass cleaner.

This is just the beginning of how to improve the lighting situation in your home. Stay tuned for more!