Efficiency & Cleanliness: The Interior of Your Home

When we walk into a home, we immediately begin to interpret what we see. If we are guests of this home, we begin to formulate judgments on the homeowner (they are messier than I am, they have wonderful taste in furniture, they know how to arrange a space for maximum efficiency, etc). If, on the other hand, we are interested in buying the home, our judgments are all whittled down to one simple question: Can I see myself living here? It is of vital importance therefore for those attempting to sell a home in the Quad Cities to prepare the interior of their home as a resoundingly positive answer to this question.

Obviously this is tricky. Not everyone thinks the same way when it comes to decoration, and many people make the mistake of attempting to define the possibilities of their property too much. To navigate between these two outcroppings, what is needed is an arrangement that fulfills two qualities at the same time: that of being full enough to appear usable but not so full that it seems limited in possibility. While achieving these two goals might seem almost impossible the opposite is actually the case. How? By making sure the space is clean and that things are put away.

If you plan on inhabiting your home during the home-selling process, you want to make sure that the rooms are arranged tastefully and that as much excess as possible is packed away. This might mean purchasing some large plastic totes to put in the garage or basement. That is okay! Your primary goal is to make the main area of your home say, “Welcome! Kick off your shoes, relax, and think of how comfortable and happy you will be here.” Some of the essential activities to make this dream a reality include:

  • Vacuuming: More thoroughly than ever before! Pull the couch away from the wall, extend the nozzle to reach under the bed, and DO NOT forget the corners where the wall meets the ceiling.
  • Dust: You might be amazed to discover that not everything you own is grey.
  • Wax hardwood floors: It isn’t nearly as arduous as it sounds, and it immediately makes wood look like it belongs in a palace.
  • Polish bathroom/kitchen fixtures: Especially if you’ve got hard water, getting those calcium deposits off of the faucets and knobs is key to making your bathrooms and kitchen look ready for years of future use. *Pro-Tip*Store-bought white vinegar works miracles when it comes to cleaning up mineral stains.

If it isn’t being used, put it away: this goes for clothing, books, kids toys, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, games, bags, shoes, and almost anything else that isn’t a piece of furniture.

Again, the main principle at work here is to make the house look inviting but also open for change. Too much clutter, too much mess communicates to any prospective buyer that this is the way things are and this is the way things will always be. For most people, this is an immediate turn-off, causing them to shift their search to more welcoming environments.