Easy DIY Steps to Staging Your Home

When it comes to staging a home, not everyone wants to bring in a third party. Indeed, it is more cost effective if you simply choose to do so yourself, although by going with this option, you are, of course, losing the shrewd eye and expertise of a practiced stager. Regardless, if this is the path that you choose to take that is fine, and we want to provide you with some extra tips on home staging that can take some of the initial confusion and frustration out of the equation.

To begin with, Brightness Matters. While many of us like to live with the blinds drawn, it is essential that a shown home goes in the opposite direction. Pull back those curtains, open those blinds, and let the beautiful golden sun pour into your rooms. This will also serve to highlight certain areas that might need some extra attention before the first showing. Dull lampshades, dirty furniture, and stained carpet all need your attention in order to best accentuate the natural light.

If you are only familiar with using overhead lighting, consider buying some table lamps. The light created by these fixtures is less cold and far more intimate, adding to the overall welcoming atmosphere of your space.

Secondly, Stage Where You Can. It is not true that each and every room of the house needs this sort of attention. While it certainly doesn’t hurt if you have the time, energy, and space to go through and stage the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, etc…it is the reality that most of us simply don’t have the extra hours in the day for this sort of preparation. If this describes your situation, then don’t fear! Simply choose one or two of the most prominent rooms and stage them as best as you can. For the rest, clean and tidy up, but it isn’t necessary for each space to look like a Zen garden.

In short, as long as you have at least a couple rooms thoughtfully staged, you are giving potential buyers the understanding that all the rooms can easily be made to follow suit.

Finally, Consider the Furniture. If your couch is damaged and dirty, consider renting another. If you have a living room full of La-Z-Boys, maybe pull one or two to the garage. Better yet, put some objects up for sale and make some extra cash while also eliminating some of the clutter! By carefully choosing which pieces of furniture to retain and which to remove, you are putting in the valuable effort to achieve a successful staging of a house.