Cleaning Up Your Home’s Exterior Before Selling

While getting a home ready to sell, many of us make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that matters is the home’s interior. When we do this, we run the risk of spending all of our time rearranging furniture, dusting, and trying to figure out what time of day is best for taking pictures. Then, when the home lands on the market, we don’t understand why people aren’t lining up to place their offers.

The reason is simple. While all of the vacuuming and mopping is important, it is also important not to forget one other key part of a home: the outside. It is easy to forget that the outside exists. After all, we’ve been living on the inside for so long! But you must remember that for most people looking to purchase a home, their initial exposure to your property will come in the form of pictures, and if the outside of the home doesn’t look as charming and well-kept as the inside it is highly likely that they will move on. We’ve already dedicated a piece on some routine yard maintenance, so today we’re going to move to the exterior of the house itself and give you some tips to make your current home a future sale.

Wash Those Windows!

Whether it is with Windex and newspaper or a hose and a sponge does not matter. What is important is that those windows – which you’ve spent perhaps years looking out of without ever really seeing – are the eyes to your home’s soul. A little work goes a long way here, and just by rubbing or blasting off that layer of grime can take your property straight to the top of the people’s “This is My Future Home” list.

Clean That Siding!

Once again, a hose is all you need (although you could also rent a power sprayer for some truly deep cleaning). Blast away the abandoned beehives, cobwebs, leaves, and bird poo and you’ll find yourself looking at a whole new residence. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the exterior of your house is the first experience people will have when they come a-calling. Because nobody wants to wash the outside of a house, the fact that yours is already gleaming will immediately make a good impression on prospective buyers.

Paint That Trim!

If you’ve got the time and are able to do so, a can of paint from your local hardware store will enable you to place the proverbial cherry on top of your for-sale home. There’s just something about a home with neatly painted trim that warms the heart and communicates that this is indeed the type of place where a family can be happy. Again, a little goes a long way here and with just a little scraping and a little painting you can transform what might otherwise appear like “just another house” into an absolute must see!

By spending a little time on each of these tips your home will become the belle of the ball, shining bright in the constellation of the Quad Cities home-selling market.