Schwiebert Park, Rock Island

Strolls along the Mississippi inherently posses a display of a certain American beauty—the feeling that Mark Twain maybe got everything right after all.  Places like Rock Island’s Schwiebert Park attempt to capture that sensation and then to amplify it.  Located at the intersection of the Island’s downtown and the great river, Schwiebert Park allows visitors the chance to stroll above the Mississippi’s strong current and look across at the Davenport skyline.  The park contains many amenities including observations shelters, parking, restrooms, a great lawn, a sidewalk fountain, sculptures, and what they call a “digital playground.”

Schwiebert Park, named for former Rock Island mayor Mark Schwiebert, opens at sunrise and it closes around 10:00 each night.  Interested parties can reserve certain portions of the park or the entire park for things like weddings, company parties, or family reunions.  Daytime visitors can bring a family and a picnic lunch, or you can just take a jog down the beautiful path that cuts through the entire area.  Schwiebert Park will always be a great place to visit when you need a short break from the shopping and want to remember the beauty and power of nature and the serenity that we can always find therein.