Putnam Museum in Iowa

At the Putnam Museum, the world is presented in all of its wonder and fascinating detail.  Visitors can roam through the intricate permanent installations like Black Earth Big River (where the magical world of the Quad City wetlands and prairie is recreated in all its exquisite grandeur), View Space (dedicated to all aspects of universe exploration), the Hall of Mammals, and other such wonders.  Or they can check out the diverse, nationally touring exhibitions that fill up the Putnam’s remaining space.

Lest you think the Putnam is only a museum, stop by their theater, where some of the world’s best documentaries and classic Hollywood movies are projected on the Quad Cities biggest screen.

The Putnam is dedicated to being a member of the Quad Cities community, and it hosts Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops for special events and presentations, as well as other community programs.  Also offered are numerous after school classes and summer events such as robotics courses, murder mysteries, and junior engineering classes.  Space is limited, and it goes fast, so be sure to sign up soon!

No place in the Quad Cities brings the spirit of exploration to kids and adults like the Putnam museum, and it is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in a day of exploration and discovery.