Ben Butterworth Center in Moline

Downtown Moline holds some uniquely charming locations for residents and tourists alike.  The Butterworth Center is a place just like this, and every year thousands of delighted visitors pass through its lush interior.  The Butterworth Center remains one of the nations most treasured historic homes—not the least part due to its 18th century Venetian ceiling painting imported from Italy—and it allows visitors year-round access to certain rooms as well as the opportunity to engage in excellent educational and cultural programs.

Originally owned by a member of the John Deere family, the Butterworth Center was once the home of Katherine and William Butterworth.  Throughout the 20th century, they continually build additions to the house and added luxuries like a pipe organ and a sumptuous library.  The home’s extensive gardens also prove inspiring for visitors of all ages, featuring a bowling green, exotic plants, gorgeous fountain, pergola, and gazebo.   The house’s interior provides even greater wonders, and guests are led through all three floors of richly decorated rooms.  The well-trained guides will fill your ears with information pertaining to the house, its original owners, and the time period of its construction.  Admission to the Butterworth Center is free, but they gladly accept donations.