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What’s Your Perfect Fit? Mine Wasn’t What I Expected

By The Bassford Team on February 8, 2019

By Cory Vasquez, RE/MAX Senior Social Media Marketing Manager

When we decided to buy a new home, we did just as our real estate agent instructed and created a prioritized list of must-haves for our new home. No one knows our lifestyle better than we do, and we knew exactly what we needed in a house. There was no doubt that we’d know it was the one when we walked in.

We were willing to give up a half bathroom and make do with a smaller workshop. Fireplace or no, we’d live with it. Having watched hours of DIY TV, we weren’t even afraid to get dirty and could look beyond mismatched paint and scarred flooring. All because we knew that at our price range, and to live in that cherished neighborhood, we’d have to compromise.

But I pledged that I would not compromise on two essential must-haves: the backyard and the front porch. The front porch is where I planned to hang flowers, display holiday greetings and spend twilight and dusk on a swinging bench bonding with our pre-teen kids. (Alright, I’m a young mom. Let me believe that’s what their adolescence is going to be like.) Small backyard? No way. It had to be large and lush – lined with a gardening bed, ripe with fruit trees and littered with sports equipment.

That was my must-have list.

And then it happened. After three dozen walk-throughs and hours of online virtual tours, we opened the door to our new home. We were right all along. We knew it was our perfect fit when we saw it. It has an open floor plan with a winding staircase; a window seat for my daughter and spare bedrooms for family visits.

Full basement for workouts and play. Check.
Neighbors who barbeque together and winding jogging trails (no matter that we don’t jog). Check.
Grade-A schools and soccer fields nearby. Check.

It’s exactly what we wanted. Wait for it…but without that must-have front porch and backyard paradise. That’s right. Our home has neither. Two cement steps welcome you to a small porch, and my backyard is what I fondly refer to as my terrace.

So maybe I didn’t know what my must-haves really were. Maybe I compromised too much. Or maybe, just maybe, this house really is our perfect fit.

What’s your perfect fit? What makes your home right for you? Can you put your finger on it? If so, I invite you to share it with us because it really does matter. Not only is it the reason you decline party invitations (because let’s face it, you’d rather be home), but it could win you a trip to the Apple store – or even $10,000.Visit today to submit your story or vote on your favorite.

Do you know what kind of a backyard paradise $10,000 could buy? I do.


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