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Things to Consider: Are There Pests?

By The Bassford Team on May 10, 2020

When searching for a home, we cannot help but imagine ourselves inhabiting the various houses that appear on the market that fit our search criteria. Usually, pictures taken of the locations themselves are geared towards this angle, and sellers want you to mentally move in even before you’ve seen the house in person. Why? Because this means that you’ve already taken several steps towards placing an offer on the house in question.

Staged pictures are without a doubt lovely. And very often they do present a truth about a home’s charms. Due, however, to the sale-oriented nature of such photographs, there is a good chance that they are not telling the whole truth.

One of the things that will definitely not make it into the pictures taken by the home seller is the presence of pests. Regardless of what might be living in the attic, there will be no high-res pictures of bat guano, squirrel nests, or raccoon fur. This, however, does not mean that things such as bat guano, squirrel nests, and raccoon fur do not exist.

Condition reports are a great way to begin getting to know the truth behind a home’s facade. While these are no substitution for an official inspection, they do offer a glimpse into the truth of a building. It is therefore always a great idea to search through these and read what the seller is telling you about the condition of their home.

Within these reports they will often mention whether or not bats, mice, or other invasive creatures are currently residing—or have ever resided—within the walls and eaves of a home. If the report mentions anything of the sort, then it is something to consider when writing an offer, and certainly something to keep in mind during any inspection.

While the presence of pests doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pass on purchasing a home, it is important to keep it in mind as you continue to search for the house of your dreams. Do you mind dealing with the mice in the basement yourself or is that something that you’d rather a seller take care of before transferring ownership of the property? Knowing the answers to some of these questions before placing an offer can help make the process smoother overall as you continue to progress towards your own move-in date.

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