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The Open House and COVID-19

By The Bassford Team on July 1, 2020

COVID-19 seems like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so we think it’s a good idea to go over some important considerations about how to manage public safety while working on selling a home. These concepts are not entirely new to this blog, but it is worthwhile to revisit and make ourselves familiar once more with practices that can greatly reduce the possibility for contracting or spreading the deadly illness.

Open Houses

The way we once understood the open house is changing dramatically. In the absence of helpful federal guidelines to follow, and in the lack of leadership on even a state level, it is often up to individual municipalities to enact their own restrictions and policies around everything from restaurant capacity to mandatory mask usage. Open houses are another one of these areas; in some cities they are allowed, while in others they are strictly monitored or prohibited.

Regardless of what the guidelines are in your area, it is essential to, at the very least, space out the visitations into your property. Your realtor will take care of the details, but the basic concept is that an “open house” has a small addendum: “Reservation Required.” By having specific time slots for when people can come into the property you will significantly reduce the amount of person-to-person interaction that often occurs when various individuals are walking through a home. As a result, you will significantly reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19 through your for-sale home.

Sanitizer and Masks

In addition to spacing out the visitors into your home, it is important – if you plan on having showings at all – to have hand sanitizer available. A bottle standing on a porch table or next to the front door is a great way to remind potential buyers about the importance of cleaning their hands before and after touching the surfaces in the home. Also helpful is the offering of disposable masks in case the potential buyers have forgotten their own.

These measures are important to keep everyone entering the home safe: the potential buyers, their realtors, and you. While the nature of real estate is entering a strange and uncertain period (like the rest of life in America), there are definitely steps you can take to help reduce the spread.

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