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The Increased Importance of Cleaning

By The Bassford Team on July 1, 2020

We often speak about the importance of cleaning before showing a home to be sold. While it isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, and while it can sometimes feel frustrating to spend effort tidying up a space that you are preparing to leave, a clean home is increasingly important to the selling process.

While it is true that a well-staged house has always done wonders for the salability of a property, the dramatic emergency of COVID-19 into our lives has transformed both our notions of cleanliness as well as our demands for what needs to be cleaned and when. Before the outbreak, a clean home was useful to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves within the space. Now it is important to curb the spread of a deadly illness.

Just how the emergence of the pandemic will ultimately change the nature of real estate has yet to be determined, however we can say with confidence that more and more people are spending more and more time thinking of how to keep themselves and their communities safe from the illness. If your home is messy, there is a good chance that fewer and fewer people will even want to look at it if you are offering showings. By cleaning, you send the message that you care about the health and well-being of the potential buyers, that the space is safe, that there is little chance of them becoming infected while exploring the home.

No longer is cleaning simply about the home’s image. Now it is about protecting the surrounding community, especially if you plan on having showings of your property. In addition to keeping visitors safe, a clean home now will also make it easier for you to sterilize after visitations, therefore dramatically reducing the risk of your own exposure and contraction of COVID-19.

Before any showings, sanitize all surfaces that might get touched (pay special attention to wall switches, doorknobs, and stairway banisters). Take note of the areas that you cleaned and then, when you return after the showings, sterilize again. It might seem maniacal, but this is the world we now inhabit and the more quickly we get into the habit of taking some fairly simple precautions, the more quickly we can pass through this global event into whatever future lies in store for us.

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