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Taking Ownership During A Pandemic: Disinfecting & Cleaning

By The Bassford Team on July 16, 2020

It can be challenging to find a good source of information on what to do after purchasing a home in the midst of a global pandemic. That’s because this is an entirely new situation requiring an entirely new approach than anything before. We understand just how challenging the new real estate landscape has become, and we are here to help you navigate its intricacies even as they continue to evolve.

One of the main questions that people are facing comes after the closing, after the keys have changed hands, but before they actually take up occupancy at the new address. Many people are finding themselves asking, “Is this new building safe? Was the previous owner/occupant sick? Will I get sick after moving in?” Unfortunately, these are pervasive issues in this new world we live in, and questions that are not only reasonable but also necessary.

With that in mind, we want to offer you some tips when it comes to making your new space as safe and comfortable as possible as quickly as possible.


Before anything else happens, it is a good idea to go through the entire house and disinfect the surfaces. This is definitely something that can be a great family activity as it not only cleans the house and makes it safe but also begins the process of familiarizing yourself with the space.

Be sure to wear masks as you work, and focus especially on high-contact surfaces such as faucet knobs, door handles, and countertops. Any store-bought disinfectant should work well for this process, but try and find something that isn’t too harsh on the air or your lungs. You don’t need to make yourself sick while working to make sure you don’t get sick!

A wonderful side effect of this disinfecting process is that you will also be giving your new home a nice deep clean while you’re at it! Again, a great way to begin familiarizing yourself with a new space and starting to really feel the sense of belonging that makes home ownership such a stark contrast to renting.

While not the most glamorous of tasks, cleaning and disinfecting a home is a fairly straightforward and simple way to remove some pandemic-related anxiety while also possibly spending quality time with the members of your pod.

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