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Looking at Plumbing When Preparing to Purchase a Home

By The Bassford Team on September 24, 2020

When it works like it should, plumbing is something that you hardly notice. Considering that pipes and tubes run through walls and between floors throughout much of the home, the fact that they are so seldom thought of is somewhat remarkable. And, while it lasts, this is a blissful state. But then something happens: you notice a dark crack forming along the ceiling, or you’re standing in a closet when a drop of water lands on your bare arm. These are troubling signs indeed and may indicate that the plumbing which you counted on remaining quiet and out of sight is now emerging into the daylight.

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Buying a Home Based on Curbside Appeal

By The Bassford Team on September 20, 2020

We’ve written already on the dangers of purchasing a home based on how it looks. In our last piece, we focused on the possible pitfalls of deciding a home isn’t “worth it” due to external factors…factors which may be masking a true gem underneath an off-putting exterior. Today, we are going to swing to the opposite pole and look at the dangers of being swayed by a home simply because of how bright and clean it is.

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The Benefits to Buying a Fixer-Upper

By The Bassford Team on September 15, 2020

The dream of home ownership is something familiar to most of us. The feeling of walking through a door that is yours, of painting a kitchen without asking a landlord for permission, of knowing you can get a dog if you want or a cat, that you can tear up the yard and plant a garden, that the work you do will not benefit the property value of a home that you could be evicted from as soon as the owner decides to raise the rent. It’s a difficult sensation to describe. One thing, however, is fairly certain: the desire to own a home of one’s own can lead to a sense of hopelessness and desperation, which causes some people to purchase a home that is not right for them for numerous reasons. We’re going to explore some common pitfalls associated with purchasing a home without due consideration.

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Hot New Homes for Sale in the Quad Cities

By The Bassford Team on September 7, 2020

The sun is setting a little earlier, the trees are starting to shed their leaves, and that warm, comforting breeze that we’ve all come to know so well over the past few months is beginning to feel a bit chillier. And even though the dog-days of summer are quickly coming to an end, the Quad Cities real estate market is just getting started as the fall home-buying season heats up and shifts into high gear.

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Relocating to the Quad Cities: Which City in Iowa is Right for You?

By The Bassford Team on September 2, 2020

If you have recently made the exciting life-changing decision to relocate to the QC Area, you may catch yourself wondering which city is the best fit for you and your family, especially if you are moving from out-of-state and are unfamiliar with the area. Each of these cities have their own unique benefits & qualities, and we’ve highlighted a few of them below so you can set your mind at ease knowing that you’ve picked the perfect place to purchase your home.

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COVID-19 and Real Estate Trends

By The Bassford Team on July 29, 2020

There is no doubt at all that the coronavirus pandemic is greatly transforming the way that we both sell and buy homes. While the long-term effects of the ongoing health crisis is something we can in no way predict, the fact of the matter is that trends and factors that existed in February and March are no longer usable metrics when it comes to anticipating how the market will continue moving forward.

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Radon: What is it and Why to Test for It

By The Bassford Team on July 29, 2020

After placing an offer on a home, and after that offer is accepted, there are still numerous things that must take place before the sale is finalized. One of the most important of these is the home inspection. The inspection itself is necessary to ensure that you are not being misled as to the condition of the home or that there aren’t severely problematic issues with the house unknown even to the seller. The process as a whole is something we’ve written on in the past and something that we will be presenting future articles on as well, but today we want to focus on something that is often scheduled with the home inspection but is often misunderstood or not understood at all: radon testing.

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Moving Tips for Social Distancing

By The Bassford Team on June 30, 2020

We live in a time without modern precedent. The rise and proliferation of the coronavirus disrupted most of our lives, and the bungled and confused response from the government has left us in a state of perpetual uncertainty. What is safe? Who can we see? How do we live our lives in a manner that is both fulfilling while also not placing ourselves and our communities at risk?

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A Crash Course on Downpayments and Loans

By The Bassford Team on May 30, 2020

Because it is such an important topic, we want to continue today with a subject we began with a previous post about keeping your current financial situation when buying a house. Last time, we talked about the importance of looking at your financial situation and being honest with yourself about what you can actually afford. Now, we want to explore a little more deeply what that means and how to go about doing it.

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The Short Term Future of the Real Estate Market

By The Bassford Team on May 18, 2020

When the year began, the forecasts for the real estate market were not surprising. As the economy continued to do well in many sectors, experts from various organizations agreed that it seemed as though the housing market would continue to be a competitive place where many people were vying for each home that went on the market. The more people looking to purchase a home, the more expensive homes become, and therefore the forecasters predicted another booming spring for those on the selling end of things.

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