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Pipe Dreams: Inspecting Plumbing Before Selling

By The Bassford Team on September 22, 2020

In a very real sense, plumbing is the guts of a home. Through the pipes go the fluids and the waste – things that you very much want contained within a sealed chamber as they make their way between your walls and across your floors. Like the digestive tract for the human body, the plumbing in a house is a fantastic component when it works, but extremely frustrating when it goes wrong – especially if you’re in the process of moving to a new home. Also like the digestive tract, it can sometimes be a challenge to discover just what is causing the issue. It is also the case that issues with plumbing can reach your awareness only after they have been a problem for some time.

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Looking Over Your New Home’s Location Before Buying

By The Bassford Team on September 15, 2020

One of the forgotten topics of buying a home is often the location of the home being bought. Especially when money is an issue (and for the vast majority of us money will always be an issue), it can often feel as though the only thing that matters is finding home within our price range and then making an offer. Because of the way the financial system works in this country, things such as a home’s condition and a home’s location can fail to register among the important considerations in a homebuyer’s mind.

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Purchasing a Home in the Quad Cities During the Winter

By The Bassford Team on September 13, 2020

As the warm, sunny weather quickly fades away, potential Quad Cities homebuyers who had set their sights on moving before the end of the year are now facing a tough decision: should I attempt to purchase a new home during some of the chilliest months of the year, or hunker down and hold out until spring cycles around? Both certainly have their benefits, but if you’re contemplating a move during the winter, there are a couple of things to take into consideration before signing on the dotted line.

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Simple Ideas to Enhance Your Yard Before Listing

By The Bassford Team on August 6, 2020

When people come to look at your home, the first thing they will see and judge is not the living room or the roof, not the bathrooms, not the entryway or the windows. It is the yard and surrounding landscapes. Because this is a factor that people have a tendency to forget when it comes to preparing a home to sell, it is doubly important to keep it in mind as you work on preparing your home for listing.

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