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Sprucing Things Up with Home Improvements

By The Bassford Team on July 15, 2020

If you’re here because of our introductory article on home improvement, welcome back! If this is your first time visiting our blog, a warm welcome to you as well. Today we are jumping off of last time’s article and starting to look a little at some of the areas of care you might need to consider as you move forward in the homebuying process.

As we indicated last time, it is extremely rare that a person purchases and moves into a home that doesn’t have any maintenance or work. What we are doing with these articles is trying to help you narrow down just what level of work you are comfortable navigating so that when the time comes to start placing offers you know that you aren’t bidding on something beyond your ability.

Cleaning and Minor Repairs

This is the most basic level of work and will probably confront you in some way or another no matter how well maintained a home has been. What we’re saying here is that you don’t need to be turned off by an old refrigerator, a grungy bathtub, or a room with terrible paint. In fact, these might all be positive attributes as they may help you and your realtor haggle the price down from what the seller is asking!

What sorts of things can you expect to do?


Applying a fresh coat of paint does wonders towards transforming a space from something strange and unfamiliar into a clean space that is your own. Be sure to clean the walls before you start and patch any residual nail or screw holes using some plaster and a palette knife. All that’s left is to pull the furniture away from the walls, place a drop cloth on a floor, and start painting!


Expecting a home seller to deep clean their house before you move in is understandable, but it is also not something that you can bank on taking place. When you move in, you are likely going to find things that didn’t get swept or mopped, shelves that didn’t get dusted, windows that didn’t get wiped down. Rather than seeing this as a turn off, think of any cleaning you might need to do as an opportunity to get to know the home. With each bit of the previous owner you wipe or vacuum away, you are one small step further towards making the home truly your own.

Removing Furniture

Unless your contract specifically states otherwise, anything that is screwed to the walls or the floor will remain in the house. This can mean that you find yourself in possession of objects that you don’t really want in places that you don’t really understand. Removing things like cabinetry, wardrobes, pot hangers, hooks, and the like can be time consuming and physically exhausting, but it is all very doable for anyone with a little muscle and a set of screwdrivers.

These are the beginning stages of home transformation, things that most every new homeowner will encounter in one way or another. You can see there is nothing to be afraid of, and, in fact, perhaps this is even a great chance to familiarize yourself with your new living space.

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