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Simple Ideas to Enhance Your Yard Before Listing

By The Bassford Team on August 6, 2020

When people come to look at your home, the first thing they will see and judge is not the living room or the roof, not the bathrooms, not the entryway or the windows. It is the yard and surrounding landscapes. Because this is a factor that people have a tendency to forget when it comes to preparing a home to sell, it is doubly important to keep it in mind as you work on preparing your home for listing.

Landscaping can quickly become a staggering expense, and while it is true that often the more money you invest in preparing the home for sale the more money you can expect to receive from the sale itself, it is also true that there are some ways to quickly and cheaply beautify the exterior of your home. Today we are going to look at some of these quick and cost-effective options!


Outdoor lights immediately transform a gloomy or opaque area into a festive and gentle space. Easy to find and cheap to acquire, things like outdoor rope lights can be strung between trees, over bushes, or in a lattice pattern between wooden supports. Make your backyard dazzle simply by plugging in a string of gentle lights, a far better alternative than the flood lights which many people have positioned above patios and garages.

Bloom Boxes

Regardless of your thumb’s shade of green, bloom boxes are an easy and quick way to transform an otherwise drab exterior into a charming garden setting. Simple to make on your own using old wood and also cheap to purchase, bloom boxes can be quickly installed below windows and then filled with dirt and flowers to immediately brighten up any exterior space!

Bloom boxes are especially friendly to annual plants, something that any garden store will have available. Line the boxes with some plastic with holes punched in it for drainage, fill them with dirt, and then plant those plants!


Yes, this can easily become a not-cheap addition to a garden, but there are plenty of affordable fencing options out there. Choosing a simple, modernistic fence style will immediately add both style and substance to your yard, making it all the more attractive to potential buyers.

Fences are something that you can certainly have installed by a company, but there are also numerous sources to use if you choose to go the DIY route.

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