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Safety Precautions When Shopping for a Home

By The Bassford Team on May 18, 2020

There are few things more important these days than staying safe and healthy. For most of us, the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19, bringing it home to our families, potentially aiding in the spread of this malignant disease throughout the community means that we are doing a whole lot less out of the house and in public. Even as restrictions across the nation begin to lift, we know from medical data and the words from the scientific and public health community that this is far from over. Indeed, in many communities the infection rate is beginning to climb more and more steeply.

With this in mind, people engaged in the search for a home are starting to ask themselves just what they are to do in order to continue their efforts while also remaining protected from the very present danger looming in the outside world. Today’s post will hopefully provide some starting points when it comes to both continuing a home search while continuing to keep safety a top priority.

Gloves, Masks, Sanitizer

These three tools are essential in the world we are entering at full speed. If you plan on visiting homes in person, the use of these pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) can help ensure your safety as well as that of others who might also be in or around the property including realtors, other prospective buyers, and the current homeowner themselves. Consider keeping a little stash of disposable latex gloves, surgical masks, and a bottle of hand sanitizer within your car, or prepare a small “Home Shopping” bag that you can take with you when you go to look at a new listing.

Note: These measures are a good practice for all trips out of the house, not just those involving home purchasing!

Virtual Tours

We have written extensively on the many benefits of a good virtual tour, but the topic is so useful and important in the current real estate market that we feel it important to continue mentioning it when the opportunity arises. When a real estate website listing features a virtual tour, it is always worth taking. While it might not fully replace an in-person look at the house in question, it can quickly whittle down the number of homes you might find yourself considering, which in turn reduces the number of trips out of the house and thus chances for exposure.

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