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Pipe Dreams: Inspecting Plumbing Before Selling

By The Bassford Team on September 22, 2020

In a very real sense, plumbing is the guts of a home. Through the pipes go the fluids and the waste – things that you very much want contained within a sealed chamber as they make their way between your walls and across your floors. Like the digestive tract for the human body, the plumbing in a house is a fantastic component when it works, but extremely frustrating when it goes wrong – especially if you’re in the process of moving to a new home. Also like the digestive tract, it can sometimes be a challenge to discover just what is causing the issue. It is also the case that issues with plumbing can reach your awareness only after they have been a problem for some time.

What does this mean for people looking to sell a home? It means that now is a great time to begin intentionally checking in with the plumbing in your home. Many people think that if they’re selling a property that they can just skip the part where they look it over for potential issues. “Let the new owner deal with it!” is sometimes the attitude here. While this is problematic for numerous ethical reasons, it is also potentially a disaster if the homebuyer discovers something that is in violation of the sale contract and decides to take the issue to court.

Because the last thing you want to have to deal with after selling a home is a legal battle over whether or not the home should have been sold with the plumbing in the condition it was in, we strongly advise that you have the pipes checked over by a professional before listing the home. If any issues arise, you can fix them prior to listing or you can include in the listing information that the issue will be resolved before the sale is finalized.

A major added bonus of taking care of any problem issues with plumbing is that it will greatly increase the appeal of your home once it hits the market. The money you spend now to prepare your space for selling will be well worth the investment when the keys change hands and you know with confidence that the buyer isn’t going to reappear in your life with a grudge and a lawsuit.

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