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Moving Tips for Social Distancing

By The Bassford Team on June 30, 2020

We live in a time without modern precedent. The rise and proliferation of the coronavirus disrupted most of our lives, and the bungled and confused response from the government has left us in a state of perpetual uncertainty. What is safe? Who can we see? How do we live our lives in a manner that is both fulfilling while also not placing ourselves and our communities at risk?

Because we are a real estate blog, we are of course going to bring this subject to bear on the world of house selling and buying. In particular, we want today to look at some of the ways that COVID-19 changes how we should think about moving as well as suggest some ways that can aid in the retention of the excitement while also being mindful of things like social distancing.

Moving into a new home is, at its best, a thrilling experience. Especially for first time home buyers, there is a sense of celebration in moving into a purchased home – and it is only reasonable that we would want to share this celebration with those we love. But how can we do this while being mindful of our proximity to others? Is it safe to cram a dozen friends and family members into a building for several hours? Probably not. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t receive any moving help! The following are some practical tips for how to navigate the moving process during the pandemic.

Space Out the Aid

Instead of having everyone arrive at the same time, have designated hours when certain people will arrive to assist. This will keep the gathering from growing too large in size as well as prevent the possibility of spreading any disease through different communities.

Restrict Access to the Inside

You might also consider allowing only certain individuals to come into the houses, asking the rest to remain outside where they can stage boxes, move furniture, and unload the moving van or pod.

Gather in the Yard

If you have a front or back yard of any substance, think about moving any celebratory gesture (pizza! beer!) out onto the lawn rather than inside the house itself. This way people can still toast your new digs while keeping everyone safe.

Respect Boundaries!

It is possible that some people who you really, really want to have with you on the day that you move don’t feel safe being there. If this is the case, respect their concerns for their safety. Send them pictures of the home, call them, video chat, but don’t pressure someone to do something that they feel will put their health at risk.

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