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Leaving Memories Behind to Move Up

By The Bassford Team on February 8, 2019

By Deborah Kearns, RE/MAX Senior Editor, Corporate Communications

You don’t know me, but my name is Deborah and for six years I’ve been an editor at RE/MAX World Headquarters in Denver, interviewing and writing about the best agents in the world. I make my living telling their stories, but for the next few weeks or so, I’d like to tell you mine.

You see, my husband Sean and I are selling our first home — and buying another one at the same time. This past Saturday, we accepted a full-price offer on our house and had our offer accepted on our dream home. It was a whirlwind day, considering we looked at 15 houses with our rambunctious 4-year-old daughter, Kaylyn, in tow. Did I mention I’m 18 weeks pregnant, in addition to working and going to graduate school full time? Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this flurry of activity. It’s a lot to take in.

This week, it’s all about the finer points: Scheduling inspections, finalizing loan details, ensuring that we get to a smooth closing on not one, but TWO homes and so on. Our RE/MAX agent, Mark Kruse with RE/MAX Alliance in Denver, is walking us through all of the steps, but I don’t think all of it has really hit me yet.

 As we get into the nitty-gritty details of selling our house and becoming homeowners of a new one, one thought keeps going through my head: Is this real? It happened so fast — a good thing in the current market, for sure. But I find myself feeling a little wistful about leaving a big part of our family history behind.

After all, this was our FIRST home. It’s the place where our daughter has lived her whole life. It’s the place where we’ve put in lots of sweat equity. It’s where we created memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. It’s where our little family has laughed, loved, cried and truly become our own little unit. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some attachment to it — and some apprehension about leaving it behind.

We knew this was a starter home when we bought it and that we’d eventually move into something a little bigger in a better school district. So why is it so hard to say goodbye? Are we alone in having this sentimental attachment to something we knew would be ours for only a little while?

On the flip side, the minute we stepped into our “dream home” I could immediately picture where the Christmas tree will go, see where we’ll put my late mother’s formal dining set, and I envision what the nursery will look like in one of the bright, cozy upstairs bedrooms. I picture our family cooking up a traditional Christmas feast that we’ll savor with my in-laws from Florida — and the inevitable football hysteria that will ensue in the basement media room. Just as we made our first house a home, we’ll do the same in this new place.

As we go through this journey — from selling a house to moving into our next one — I have the unique opportunity to share the highs and lows, and everything in between, with all of you homebuyers and sellers out there. I hope you can glean some insights into the process from my experiences, and I’d love to hear about your real estate journey in the comments section below.

Maybe together we can help one another keep perspective when the process gets bumpy, and focus on the bigger picture: Finding a home that’s our perfect fit. Now that I’ve found mine, I’m hoping for a successful closing with few hiccups. Let’s see if my hope becomes a reality.


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