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Home Improvement: Handling Your House’s Hardware

By The Bassford Team on July 16, 2020

As promised, we are continuing with our series on home improvements today with some thoughts and advice for those looking to purchase a home. As should be apparent to those who have followed this series from the beginning, our goal is to give you some more options when it comes to purchasing a home based on a few different variables. Because the price of home depends greatly on the condition of the home itself, it makes sense that homes in poorer condition will cost less money. Certainly, this circumstance can lead to frustration. However, for those with a knack for using tools, the need to conform to a budget might in fact be a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because you immediately begin to open up the homes that are a possibility! Of course, what you save financially will be taken out of you physically, but if you’ve got the tools and the time, this might be the exact route to follow.

While our previous articles focused on home improvement that was on the lighter end of the skill scale, today we are going to talk about some possible repair projects that will require a touch more investment and knowledge to undertake. The silver lining of this is that if you are the sort of person who isn’t shy around circular saws and belt sanders, you might manage to snag a dream home disguised as a fixer-upper.

Damage to Walls and Ceiling

Most people are turned off by cracked plaster and water damage to ceilings. This means that homes in this condition can often be snapped up for the fraction of the price received by homes in better condition. Hanging drywall, fixing plumbing and moulding, and taping is not exactly novice work, but it also doesn’t require a PhD. The only caution here is to make sure that the work is not too far beyond what you are capable of performing, so be sure to have any offer contingent on a detailed inspection.

Electrical Work

While major electrical updates and wiring should be left to the hands of those with enough education and experience to know how to avoid being electrocuted, there are many things that you can do yourself as long as you exercise the proper amount of caution. Things such as installing ceiling fans, replacing burnt out sockets, and even updating damaged lighting fixtures is well within the scope of an advanced DIY project.

Carpet Removal and Remediation

While this is a fairly simple project, it does require lots of tenacity, time, and physical stamina. Old and musty carpets can often hide some truly barbaric smells and residual memories of the previous owners, so be sure to stock up on PPE (personal protective equipment) before undertaking the endeavor. On the plus side, few things freshen up a dismal home more than removing unsightly or damaged flooring followed by a deep clean and a replacement.

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