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Davenport Ranks 3rd on List of Best American Riverfront Cities

By The Bassford Team on June 30, 2020

The Quad Cities are truly a unique place within the country. Once a hub of manufacturing and industry, these cities straddle two states as well as the largest river in America, the Mississippi. To say that there is beauty here is a vast understatement. To say that there is culture, history, and heritage are all similarly impoverished sentiments.

Those looking to purchase a home within the Quad Cities in general are on the track towards living in a beautiful part of the country with access to some stunning amenities and natural beauty. While this might sound biased coming from us, a recent poll taken by USA Today placed Davenport as the 3rd best waterfront city in the country.

Why, you might ask, is this the case? For so many reasons! Most noticeably is the natural beauty of the area. Here, the Mississippi suddenly begins flowing east rather than south, and all along the shores are miles of riverfront paths that are perfect for biking and walking. It doesn’t take much to imagine yourself with a small family taking a calm evening stroll down beside the Mississippi, watching the sun set over Rock Island, the old warehouses bathed in pink and gold light.

Davenport also possesses a wide variety of restaurants, breweries, boutique shops, hotels, and art galleries that are so essential towards making a downtown vibrant and alive. It’s no wonder that so many people arrive and never leave!

True, the Mississippi is prone to flooding, but this is something that the people of the Quad Cities have many generations of experience in handling and shouldn’t deter you from looking towards the river for inspiration on where to purchase a home. Besides, what’s a little flooding for the opportunity to live right on one of the most scenic waterways in the world? If you aren’t yet a boat enthusiast, living in Davenport or the Quad Cities will certainly make a strong selling point on the subject.

The naming of Davenport as the 3rd most popular riverfront city in the country comes as no surprise to the city’s residents. Come join us and find out why!

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