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Be Your Own Handyman With These Easy DIY Projects

By The Bassford Team on July 14, 2020

So you’ve got a few tools, and you’ve got some time and a little extra cash…how does this change the homebuying landscape for you? This is a great question, and if you’ve been following our blog at all then you know it plays exactly into the direction of our theme during these past few pieces.

Last time, we took a look at some of the very basic things you might find yourself doing as you go forward in the homebuying process. Things such as painting, deep cleaning, and even up to the removal of certain built-in pieces of furniture shouldn’t deter most people from the purchase of a home, especially if all the other features of the house match what you’ve been dreaming of!

Going a little further with this topic, today’s piece imagines that you’re in a position to do more than just minor touch-up work. As we outlined in the introduction to this series, things that fall into this category include flooring restoration, minor electrical work, repair/replacement of damaged or unsightly molding, and, of course, an even deeper cleaning process.


Do you want carpet? Hardwood? Cork? Linoleum? Once you buy a home the choice is completely up to you, especially if you don’t mind doing this work on your own. While the idea of repairing or replacing a floor can seem daunting, it is definitely one of the DIY projects that many homeowners without years of carpentry experience tackle themselves. Important tools here are things like hammers, pry bars, circular/table saws, and safety goggles.


This is an area that requires a brief disclaimer: Do Not Attempt Unless You’re Certain The Electricity In The Area You Are Working Has Been Completely Shut Off. If it isn’t, then you might find yourself on the receiving end of a sharp shock of potentially fatal duration. That being said, more and more people are finding themselves surprisingly able to do minor electrical repairs such as changing sockets, fixing outlets, and replacing ceiling fans. Trust us: it doesn’t take an engineering degree to do this work.


Moulding can seem like a complicated item, but it really isn’t. Considering that all it is is a piece of wood at the base of your wall, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that addressing moulding issues (including missing pieces, broken pieces, or unsightly styles) is one of the gateways into the home improvement world.

Don’t be Afraid!

In conclusion, we want everyone to feel a little more empowered to take control of their living space. Not every issue requires a massive financial investment, especially if you’ve got the time, tools, and curiosity to deal with the problems yourself. Each of the areas outlined above is a fairly simple arena through which you can keep your home buying options fairly open while also providing you with a number of ways to truly inhabit the space once you move in.

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