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A Beginners Guide to 3D Virtual Tours

By The Bassford Team on April 10, 2020

If you’ve spent any time looking at real estate listings over the past few weeks, you might have noticed a couple of things. The first is that the existence of open houses is rapidly vanishing. In a response to this, the existence of virtual tours is now spiking. No doubt about it, we are in a transition period. What exactly we are transitioning to is not entirely clear, but for the time being it seems fairly clear that the virtual home tour is becoming the exhibition mode of choice for the contemporary real estate market.

The reasons for this are all about health and safety, and while the virtual tour cannot fully replace the physical walkthrough, it does keep everyone free from the possibility of exposure to coronavirus. Also, virtual walkthroughs have progressed tremendously over the last few years, and you might be surprised at just how apt they can be in showcasing a home.

Virtual tours will appear on a home’s listing on almost every real estate site. While you still have the option to simply click through the pictures, a virtual tour will often provide you with a far more in-depth look at a home. Yes, some of them are simply an arrangement of photos, but an increasing number of realtors are setting up their listings with a 3D tour option. The 3D tour allows you to walk through a house room by room, moving the camera to examine the space as you like, and generally providing you with freedom to explore the dimensions, look, and feel of another space.

Some downsides to this model exist. It can happen that not every room (such as closest and basements) is included. Yards are also often absent from the 3D tour, leaving you to guess just how the home and the attached property interact. Additionally, 3D tours are most effective in homes that are move-in ready, meaning that people looking to purchase a foreclosed home or homes that need numerous updates will find themselves with less opportunities than those with the ability to purchase in a somewhat higher price range.

Ultimately, the 3D virtual tour will give you the ability to decide whether or not an in-person look is warranted. You can see it is an extra step towards verifying whether or not a home is right for you. At the end of the day, the 3D tour will possibly reduce the number of people interested in exploring a space in person, similarly reducing the chances of exposure for everyone involved.

Yes, the current real estate market – like every other market – is a strange and transforming space. The existence of virtual tours points to a possible future of buying and selling homes, and is currently a fantastic option for many prospective buyers.

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